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Team-building activities

with overnight stay

Experiences that turn into long-lasting memories: In collaboration with our partner teamazing, we offer team-building activities with an overnight stay.

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Team-building activities with overnight stay

Breakout: castle

Your employees are handcuffed and tied up with ropes. Will they manage to free themselves? Effective communication, teamwork, and the ability to think outside the box are the keys to success. This tricky adventure takes place in our hotel.

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Team-building activities with overnight stay

Carrera Mario Kart™ Battle

Fun and action guaranteed: As a team, you defend your remote-controlled cars, to which two balloons are attached at the rear. Watch out for people attacking your balloons! Both skill and strategy are required here.

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Team-building activities with overnight stay

Maze race

Team work is a matter of balance. For this game, that’s true in a number of senses. The task may seem easy: a ball has to be manoeuvred through a winding labyrinth to the finish line. The ball is steered by the participants’ weight and sense of balance. You need not only skill, but also good and intuitive collaboration.

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Team-building activities with overnight stay

Blobby volley

How do you control a 3m-large volleyball? Well, as a team of course! Single players stand no chance here. The challenge requires skill and strategy, and is sure to be the highlight of your team-building activity with overnight stay.

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Let’s talk about your team event!

We’ll be happy to plan your team-building activities with overnight stay together. Simply send us an enquiry and write “team building”.

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