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Hotel Böhlerstern:

a dog-friendly hotel in Styria

Your four-legged friends are more than welcome here. After all, we’re true dog lovers at Hotel Böhlerstern. We’ve put together some information for you so that dogs and people can relax in equal measure.

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Out tip for check-in: take a walk beforehand

A new place can be exciting. That’s why we recommend going on a long walk before checking in, so that your dog will be mentally and physically tired. A dog that’s in need of a rest will then be much calmer when faced with the unfamiliar hotel spaces.

Allow your dog to explore and sniff out the hotel – accompanied by you, of course. This will make your four-legged friend feel safe and comfortable in the new surroundings.

Leash requirement

A leash is mandatory throughout the whole hotel. That’s the only way we can guarantee the well-being of every guest.

Sleeping place

We’ll be happy to provide you with a dog basket and a food bowl. Should your friend get homesick quickly, we recommend that you bring your own dog bed or dog blanket with you. Tip: Don’t wash it before the holiday, so that it will still smell intensively like home.

Dogs are under no circumstances allowed to sleep on the bed.

Dogs alone in your room

In a new, unfamiliar place, even the calmest dog could feel a little nervous. Train your dog to be alone, first with short periods of time. You can only leave your dog alone in the room for longer periods of time if it remains calm throughout and doesn’t bark when you leave or even damage the hotel furniture.

Please check your hotel room:

  • Is food well hidden? Are there any small items that the dog could swallow?
  • Does your dog have enough to drink?
  • Is the air conditioning working or is the room too hot?
  • Are all windows and balcony doors closed?
  • Important: The “Do not disturb” sign on the door handle prevents unexpected encounters between your four-legged friend and the cleaning staff. You’ll find the sign in your room.

Keep it clean

Obviously every dog can leave a little mess behind. If this happens, please take care of it and clean/disinfect the area yourself. If you can’t get the spot entirely clean, please report it to reception.

Please do the cleaning staff a favour and don’t use the hotel towels to clean your dog. Just bring a couple of dog towels or wet wipes that you can use for dirty paws and wet fur.

Should the dog cause dirt that is difficult to remove or other damage to the hotel room, you as the dog owner will be responsible for any related costs.

Acceptable noise level

Please show respect for other hotel guests and limit the playing and running to the outdoors. Your furry friend should then be calm and relaxed in your room.

Leave your phone number on the door

As a dog owner, you have to be contactable. A note on your room door with your telephone number is extremely helpful.

A relaxed holiday with your dog in Styria

Please make sure that your dog doesn’t get too close to other guests. We know: Out of pure joy and excitement, even the most adorable dog can have an accident. But with patience, understanding, and respect for other hotel guests, we can manage to deal with every situation.

We wish you a pleasant stay at our hotel with your dog. Styria guarantees fun for both two- and four-legged friends.

Before arrival

When making an enquiry or booking, please let us know that your furry friend will be accompanying you on your holiday at our dog-friendly hotel in Styria.

Take a close look at the following rules for a holiday with your dog in Styria.

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