Hygiene & Security


In the hotel & restaurant apply the current regulations & framework conditions of the Federal Ministry!
All regulations are published in the public areas of the hotel.

In today’s sensitive time around COVID-19, which accompany us in everyday life, ‘we’, as the team of Hotel Böhlerstern, put a lot of thought, energy & commitment into building safe prevention systems in order to provide our customers and guests with the all-important safety measures and comfort.

Unfortunately, it is impossible in the current situation to guarantee a ‘complete 100%’ protection in public spaces. Therefore, as a renowned hotel and restaurant, we do everything we can in order to protect the health of our valued guests and our employees.

The Hotel Böhlerstern & the Restaurant Bachstelze has a prevention and hygiene safety concept.
Furthermore, many other safety precautions are considered and implemented in all cases.

We always follow the orders of the Health Ministry and sometimes it can come to necessary internal rules for guests such as i.e. registrations for contact tracing as a safety precaution and many more.

We work with specially defined work processes to guarantee increased protection for our traveling hotel guests, restaurant visitors, business partners and employees.

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, more than 50 hand disinfection stations have been available to our guests throughout the hotel at all entrances, public areas, restaurant, toilets, meeting rooms and on the room floors. We also run an enormously increased cleaning and disinfection effort in the entire hotel, seminar and restaurant area.

We even provide a thermal fever measurement system in our lobby for the voluntary use which in return greatly accepted and used by guests.

The regulations and framework conditions of the Federal Ministry apply depending on the currently published status: e.g. Entry only after presenting a test result, vaccination certificate or depending on the definition and specifications.

Access to the restaurant or accommodation can also be allowed ‘temporally’ only with a valid test! Our team will be happy to help you with information about validity periods of the respective time frame of a test result. These rules and regulations always depend on the current public laws.

Information & Details can be found on the hotel information boards in public areas.

‘Green’ pass as an admission ticket only after the rules have been announced. (Subject to change & internal policy of the hotel!)

In the hotel premises, the usage of safety masks is compulsory for guests and employees. There is also the rule of safety distance to the next person as well as safety distances between groups of visitors. The same rules apply for any type of events.

Tables in the restaurant & in our terrace are set at a safe distance. The hotel has a number of hygiene partition walls in different zones, e.g. reception, restaurant, terrace, bar or other preparation zones. We offer our guests a comfortable registration through either QR code system DarfIchRein.AT or a paper version.

We always try to exceed the specified guidelines with extra procedures and our increased internal hygiene standards so we can continue providing the best possible protection for employees and all our customers.

We wish you good health and look forward to your visit.

Your Hotel Böhlerstern team.